Alex 2017.png

Gymnasts Name:  Alex Irvine

2023 Graduate - Training Level 10

Current School: Silverado Middle School, Roseville, CA

GPA : 4.0

Competing for: Byers Gymnastics Roseville

Coaches Names: Rhonda Hawkins, Elisha Adrian, Cassie Benning

Coaches email:

Parents Names: John and Olivia Irvine

Parents Email:

2017 Event Start Values and Personal Best - Competed level 9

Vault - Yerchenko Layout Start Value 10.0 High Score 9.475

Bars - Start Value 9.9 High Score 9.45

Beam - Start Value 10.0 High Score 9.475

Floor - Start Value 10.0 High Score 9.4

All Around - 3755

Skills 2018  
Vault - 
Yerchenko  layout full
Bars - Hindorf, pirouette-shoot over, giant full double tuck, working full out in pit
Beam - flip flop layout, Round-off 1 1/2 dismount
Floor - double tuck, double pike, rudi, front full-front pike, 1 1/2 front pike

2017 Season Highlights: 
State Championships: 7th vault, 6th bars, 5th beam, 6th All Around
Regional Championships: 4th vault, 9th beam, 6th All Around
Western Championships: 7th vault, 5th beam, 5th All Around

Coach’s Note:  Alex is  very driven.  She is a goal setter and does everything she can to reach her goals despite any setbacks along the way. She pushes herself to be her best every day in the gym.  She’s a good communicator and very competitive.  Her competitive spirit is always to make herself better and not necessarily beat anyone.  If she wants first place, she works to get first place.  She’s an aggressive competitor and has several years to become consistent with her difficult gymnastics.