Courtney 2017.png

Gymnasts Name:  Courtney Blackson

2020 Graduate - Verbal Commit to Boise State

Personal YouTube Page
Current School: Pleasant Grove High School, Elk Grove, CA

GPA : 3.67

Competing for: Byers Gymnastics Roseville

Coaches Names: Rhonda Hawkins and Elisha Quinonez

Coaches email: (916) 580-4158

Parents Names: Cindy and Rob Blackson

Parents Email:

2016 Event Start Values and Personal Best

Vault - Yerchenko Layout 1 1/2 Start Value 10.0 High Score 9.85

Bars - Start Value 10.0 High Score 9.675

Beam - Start Value 10.0 High Score 9.45

Floor - Start Value 10.0 High Score 9.525

All Around - 37.8


Vault - Yerchenko layout full, Yerchenko 1 1/2
Bars - Blind change to Khorkina, 1/2 pirouette to shoot over to toe shoot, giant full to double tuck, gienger, working double front dismount
Beam - Front aerial to flip flop, side aerial, straight jump to split 3/4, front full dismount, working side aerial flip flop series, gainer layout dismount  
Floor - front double twist, double tuck, whip half-front full, Rudi, 2 1/2 twist

2017 Season Highlights

State Championships: Vault 4th, Bars 5th, Floor 7th AA 9th
Regional Championships: Vault 5th, Bars 4th, Beam 9th, AA 5th
National Championships:  Bars 3rd, All Around 10th 

Coach’s Note:  Courtney is a  tricks kid and loves to learn new skills. When it’s time to compete, she can step it up and hit.  She is very competitive and likes to do well.  She’s fun, outgoing, and talkative and a great teammate to her peers. Courtney does well with honest evaluations and takes criticism well without becoming emotional.