How many times a week should my child be taking Gymnastics?
-You can take 1, 2, or 3 classes.  We recommend taking more than one class to get the most out ofyour gymnastics experience.  And you receive a discount on additional classes!

What will my child be doing in a Parent Participation Gymnastics Class?
-In our Parent Participation Class (age walking to 3), we emphasize gross motor development, like jumping, rolling, balancing, rhythms, hanging, and much more.  Parent and child get the opportunity to explore Byers' 'Fun' Room, 'Rainbow' Room, Trampoline, Tumble Trak, and Giant Foam pit.  The Parent Participation classes are 50 minutes long.

What activities will my child be doing in a Tot Class?
-In our Tot classes, children age 3 learn, running, jumping, hopping, swinging, rolling, cartwheeling, and balancing using the Floor, Balance Beams, Bars, Vault, and Trampoline.  All of these apparatus are scaled down to a smaller size.  In this class, children also learn to work independently and how to follow directions, which is very beneficial for starting school.  The Tot classes are 50 minutes long.

What activities will my child be doing in a Kinder 1 Class?
-In our Kinder 1 classes, children ages 4 & 5 work on running, jumping, throwing, & hopping, along with other gymnastic activities such as walking across balance beams and swinging on the bars.  They will also be learning how to do rolls, cartwheels, and handstands on the floor.  This class also provides children with the opportunity to work independently, follow directions, and practice good listening skills.  The Kinder Gym 1 classes are 1 hour long.

What activities will my child be doing in a Girls Basic 1 Class?
-In our Girls Basic 1 program, girls age 6+ explore the foundation of gymnastics.   This includes learning how to do rolls, handstands, cartwheels, bridges, and dance elements such as leaps and chasses on the floor.  They will learn coordination through walking, jumping, and hopping on the balance beams.  They will gain arm strength by swinging and circling on the bars.  And they will also gain speed and power by learning proper running and jumping on the vault.  The Girls Basic 1 classes are 1 hour long.

What if you are not interested in joining a Competitive Gymnastics Team?
-At Byers Gymnastics Centers we also offer classes in:

     1. Cheerleading- Girls work on Round offs, Flip flops, Back and Front flips, Jumps on the trampoline for cheerleading, and overall flexibility & strength.  These classes only work on floor and trampolines.
     2. Exhibition Teams- If your daughter has the skills to go onto a Competitive Team, but is not interested in that part of gymnastics, we offer a non-competitive Team that only performs exhibitions.  We have performed at Oakland A's Games, California State Fair, and local schools and carnivals.  If you are interested in more information, please call the office at you Byers location.
     3. Teen Classes- If your daughter is interested in taking gymnastics, but you want a class that has girls closer to her age, then the Byers Teen class might be what you are looking for.  You do not need any prior gymnastic experience to join this class and unlike the cheerleading class, you get to do all of the gymnastic events: Vault, Bars, Beams, Floor, and Trampoline.

Do you offer camps for kids?
-Yes! We offer Summer and Winter Camps. These camps are filled with amazing fun! Our Summer Camps are usually held during the months of June, July, and the beginning of August.  Our Winter Camps are usually held the last week of December. Byers' Camps are filled with great sport activities, crafts, fun, and laughter.

Do you offer Birthday Parties at your facility?
-Yes!  Events & Birthdays

What activities will my child be doing in a Boys Basic 1 Class?
-In our Boys Basic 1 program, girls age 6+ explore the foundation of gymnastics. This includes learning how to do rolls, handstands, cartwheels, bridges, and fundamental elements on the pommel horse, high bar, and rings.  The Boys Basic 1 classes are 1 hour long.

I need directions to your Gym.  Do you have any maps?
-Yes!  Locations

When do I pay my bill?
-Your bill is due by the 1st of every month and is considered late after the 7th. A $10.00 late fee will be added to your bill if you are late on your payment.

What are make-ups?
-If you miss your regularly scheduled gymnastic class, you can call the office to schedule a class at a different time to make-up for the one you missed.  Please let the office know in advance if you will be missing a class.

Can I bring a friend to my gymnastics class?
-You can bring a friend to take a free trial class.  As long as you are in a beginning level class and there is enough room, you can bring a friend to take the class with you.  We do recommend that your friend tries a class at the day and time that she/ he plans to stay in so he/ she can meet the instructor that they will have.

Is your gymnastics program go all year long?
-Yes! Unlike some Soccer and Swimming leagues that just last through the summer, Byers Gymnastics is a year round activity.

If we decide to take a leave of absence, can we re-enroll when we want to come back?
-Definitely!  If you decide to take a leave of absence, just give the office a 30 day written notice.   If you come back within a year of paying your insurance and registration, that fee will be wavered.  However, we don't hold spots in our classes, so come back as soon as you can!

What is a Brag Card?
-Brag Cards are certificates showing what skills each child can do and skills that they still need to work on before they can move up to the next level.  Brag Cards are passed out every April, August, and December.

If my children are not on Team, do they get to participate in the Summer Olympics?
-Byers Summer Olympics is actually not just for the competitive team, but is set up for all levels at Byers Gymnastics Center.  Each child learns a routine on 4 events (i.e. Vault, Bars, Balance Beam and Floor).  They practice these routines for a couple of weeks and then each child is given a chance to show them off at Byers Summer Olympics during regular class time.  Each child receives a Gold Medal!

What are the Winter Presentations?
-The Winter Presentations are very similar to the Byers Summer Olympics.  Except that each child learns a group routine on one event.  They then practice these routines for a couple of weeks and then show them off at the Winter Presentations, where each child receives a blue ribbon and a candy cane.

When are you closed?
-The following dates are typical closure days:

     March (one day) (Teacher in service day)
     May (Memorial Day)
     July 4 (Independence Day)
     August (usually 3rd Saturday) (Coaches at Congress)
     September(Labor Day)
     October 31 @5:30 (Halloween)
     November (Thursday and Friday) (Thanksgiving)
     December (usually the last 2 weeks) (Winter Holidays)
See front office for exact dates.

When the Gym is closed, do you give make-ups?
-Classes are set-up on a 48 classes per year basis, so that is why we don't give make-ups when the Gym is closed.