Our Philosophy

Byers Gymnastics Roseville prides itself on our team philosophy of “Raising strong, independent, adults through gymnastics”. First and foremost our athletes are expected to be respectful and hard working. We have been known to turn away talented athletes who didn't want to do the work. What we’re left with are talented, respectful, athletes that are willing to work. Our program is extremely organized with monthly goals during the off season and daily assignments during the competitive season. If the athletes are willing to work, they’ll meet their goals. There’s no eye rolling, foul language, or negative body language allowed from our team or our coaches. We expect adult communication will all our athletes regardless of age. Say what needs to be said with respect. Our athletes are also expected to be successful in school and keep their grades up during their entire gymnastics career including college. We love our athletes and treat them well, I’m sure you’ll love them too.

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