Karsyn 2017.png

Gymnasts Name:  Karsyn Campbell

2019 Graduate Bars, Beam, Floor Specialist

Current School: Elk Grove, CA

GPA : 3.95

Competing for: Byers Gymnastics Roseville

Coaches Names: Rhonda Hawkins, Elisha Adrian, Cassie Benning

Coaches email: VKR@byersroseville.com

Parents Names: Rick & Staci Campbell

Parents Email: rskksoup@yahoo.com

Skills 2017
Vault -
Does not vault
Bars - Pirouete-shootover, blind change to piked Yaegar, Giant full to double tuck dismount
Beam - Flip flop layout, Side Aerial, Switch Side, Gainer piked dismount  
Floor - Rudi, Front layout-front full, 1 1/2 twist to front layout

Coach’s Note:  Karsyn took a year off gymnastics to try another sport and decided to come back in November 2016.  She’s been training as a specialist on three events and should do very well this year.  Karsyn is a hard worker and very self motivated.  Her bars are beautiful and she should do very well this year on the events she’ll be competing. At this point, she does not vault because it irritates an old injury.  Her other 3 events will have 10.0 start values for JO requirements this year.