Peyton 2017.png

Gymnasts Name: Peyton Gillen

2019 Graduate - Competed Level 9 2017

Current School: Whitney High School, Rocklin, CA

GPA : 4.0

Competing for: Byers Gymnastics Roseville

Coaches Names: Rhonda Hawkins, Elisha Adrian, Cassie Benning

Coaches email:

Parents Names: Nial and Vicki Gillen

Parents Email:

2014 Event Start Values and Personal Best - Competed level 10

Vault - Yerchenko Layout Start Value 10.0 High Score 9.675

Bars - Start Value 10.0 High Score 9.375

Beam - Start Value 10.0 High Score 9.56

Floor - Start Value 10.0 High Score 9.475

All Around - 38.15

Skills 2017
Vault -
Yerchenko layout
Bars - Pirouete-shootover, blind change-front giant 1/2-double back, giant full-double back, working on yaegar
Beam - Flip flop layout, back tuck, swith leap-straddle 1/2, front full dismount, standing layout to scale      
Floor - Double back, 1 1/2twist-front layout, front full-front layout, Rudi, workout double twist forward

2017 Season Highlights
 State Championships: 4th vault, 5th bars, 1st beam, 52nd floor, 2nd All Around
Regional Championships: 2nd vault, 5th bars, 1st on beam,  3rd floor, 1st  All Around
Western Championships:  9th vault, 10th beam, 10th  All Around

Coach’s Note: Peyton is a quiet athlete that excels on beam and vault.  She’s a hard worker and a good teammate.  Peyton recently tripped on her vault hurdle and fractured her small finger and strained her elbow.  She’s dedicated, self motivated, and in excellent shape. She’ll return to her sport quickly and hope to have a great level 10 year.  Peyton has excellent grades and great work ethic