Staff Safety Policies


Byers has always put the safety of our children first

Byers Gymnastics Staff:

1. Will never be alone with a child. If a student is in the gym at Byers Gymnastics Centers, there will always be another adult present, includes private lessons where a parent or 2nd coach will be in attendance at all times.

2. Staff members are not allowed to associate with students outside of gym time at birthday parties, movies, school events, or any other activity.

3. Byers Staff members will never friend a Byers Gymnastics student on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, or any other social media site.

4. Byers Gymnastics Staff will not contact students via cell phone. All needed communications with students will be done through their parent and the Byers Gymnastics telephone system or email system.

5. All emails through Byers Gymnastics Centers are seen by at least two staff members. 

6. Byers Staff members will put the safety of your student first.

Byers Gymnastics Centers have had these rules in place for several years and take the safety of our students as the most important part of our job. Please feel confident that your student will have safe supervision when they attend gymnastics at any of our centers.