We are a family of two children, and have been coming to Byers Roseville gym for about four years. One of the things we have always loved is how “safety” is a number one priority. Over the years we have had most of the coaches as our coach and have loved each and everyone of them. Also, the office staff is always pleasant and very helpful! We recommend bringing your children and trying it out! You will love it!
— Happy Parent

My daughter started her gym training with Miss Vicky she was very attentive and encouraging. We moved here from a recreational gym and we couldn’t be happier. The level of training is superb and the attention to detail instructions that my daughter received from her coaches are amazing. She has improved tremendously from her previous gym training. This is her second year on the computing circuit and she is loving every minute of it. This gym not only is concerned about creating great gymnasts but their philosophy foster strong girls both physically and mentally.
— Hanh and Benedict

We started coming to Byers Roseville when my daughter was 18 months old. We use the Roesville community services just to try it. They offered an eight week class. Our daughter loved it so much she wanted to continue participating through the year. So we ended signing up with the gym itself and found that their classes were not only longer 30 minutes with community of Roseville versus 45 minutes with buyers, but also it was more affordable. She is now eight years old and our other three children are also coming to buyers too. Their enthusiasm as coaches and their love for the sport shines through at all levels. They are a family as a group and that treat every child as one too. We are a Byers Gymnastics fan for eight years and counting. Facilities are clean and all equipment is maintained in good condition.
— Bermingham

My daughter has been going to Byers Gymnastics for 3 yrs. now and loves it. Yes it is a bit messy and smelly in the gym, but that’s to be expected when kids are working out here all day long. The coaches here are experienced and do great job helping the gymnast reach their potential. Each year I see 2-3 gymnasts receive college scholarships. Hopefully in 2024 my little gymnast will receive hers.
— David C.

My daughter has been going to Byers Gymnastics in Roseville for about 4 years. Before she was at Byers she was at a pretty little tumbling school that did everything to impress its parents.

We moved to Byers Roseville because it was a real gym that would hone the talents my wife and I thought we saw in our daughter. The first thing I noticed about Byers was that it smelt like a real gym. It is a functional facility that smells of hard work and determination. Chalk hangs thick in the air, almost as thick as the determination exuded by the kids on the floor. It’s not dirty, it is a gym.

The gym is owned by a coach that loves the sport and is not governed by a corporate need to push for the almighty dollar. All of her coaches are dedicated and accomplished gymnasts themselves. They push the girls and get the most out of them without risking burnout from over taxing them.

This is a real gym where the friendly, knowledgable staff are producing athletes that will reach their potential and perhaps one day stand a chance of getting scholarships to Stanford and other outstanding universities. Many of the level 10 gymnasts they produce have already done so.

As for my daughter, scholarship or not in her future, she is getting a fantastic grounding in exercise and control over her body.
— Adrian C.

Both of my daughters attend classes at Byers and they love them. My older daughter is on Team and truely loves going to gym and would go there every day if she could. I love the owners’ philosophy. My younger daughter is in the rec program and can’t wait to be just like the big girls on the floor. The coaches are amazing and really try to bring out the best in each child. One thing I love is that this is a real gym and that the girls work hard and the coaches expect them to work hard.
— Melissa M.